October 11, 2012

How to download eBooks on Zola | Making Mavericks

Surfing legend Frosty Hesson was just on WXIN Indianapolis, channel 59, discussing his new memoir Making Mavericks. You’ll probably see him on or hear him on your local stations sometime today. Also, we’re excited to say, Making Mavericks goes on sale exclusively at Zola Books today.

For the moment, the Making Mavericks eBook is only available in the native file formats for various eReader devices. Zola is working on eReader app that will let buy you read eBooks on any device without worrying about file formats. We’re not there yet, but we will be soon. In the meantime, here’s how you download the native files.

Download Making Mavericks on Kindle

The file format for the Kindle is .mobi. The easiest way to get a .mobi eBook file to your Kindle library is by emailing it to your Kindle email address ([name]@free.kindle.com). Press “sync your account” (or similar) on your Kindle device. The books will be synced with your library account and downloaded to your device. For more help emailing the file, click here.

You can also transfer the file from your computer to your device. See the section “Transferring Content to Your Kindle Device” here to learn how.

Download Making Mavericks on Nook, Kobo, and other eReader

For the Nook, you can “side-load” ePub files into the Nook app and read them using the following steps:

For PC:

  • Connect your Nook to your computer
  • Download the ePub file from ZolaBooks.com
  • Open the Download folder and right click the file—select copy
  • Open “Computer,” which can be reached from your home button
  • Double click on the Nook icon, and open My Files, then Books.
  • Once you open this folder, just hit right click and paste.
  • The file should now be on your Nook!

For Mac:

  • Connect your Nook to your computer
  • Download the ePub file from ZolaBooks.com
  • Open a Finder window and go to your Nook device
  • Open the My Files folder, then the Books folder.
  • Drag the downloaded file into this folder
  • The file should now be on your Nook!

For more help on Nook devices, go to directions on Barnes & Noble here.


If you’re an iPad user, when you download the file from ZolaBooks.com you will be prompted to open it in iBooks. It will automatically be added to your library. For more help, read Managing your books and iBookstore content here.


If you’re a Kobo user, the steps are the same as Nook, only easier! Just copy-and-past or drag the epub into the general Kobo file. For more help, read the Kobo Support post here.

If you have any more questions, email support@zolabooks.com, and a smart, helpful member of the Zola team will get back to you right away.